What is Special Range PCA?

Special range PCA occurs when the following category of drivers have a Blood Alcohol Concentration of between 0.02 and up to 0.049:

  • Learner drivers
  • P1 drivers
  • P2 drivers
  • Unlicensed drivers (suspended, disqualified or cancelled).

What happens when or after I am charged with Special Range PCA?

  • Police may issue you with a fine (infringement notice) and an immediate 3-month suspension that applies immediately.
  • If police do not issue an immediate 3-month suspension, TFNSW will issue a 3-month suspension that commences on the date advised on the suspension notice.
  • Police may issue you with a Court Attendance Notice, requiring you to attend court on the date specified on the notice. This is a discretion that police have, and it is usually exercised on repeat offenders.
  • If you are not issued with a Court Attendance Notice, you may elect to have your matter heard at court.
  • If you pay your fine and are willing to serve your suspension, court attendance is not necessary.

What are my options?

What are the penalties or outcomes available?

*NB: A conviction means that a traffic offence will appear on a criminal and traffic history.

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