What is robbery or stealing from a person?

Robbery is a hybrid offence containing elements of larceny and assault, and dealt with by section 94(a) of the Crimes Act.

What is Larceny

A person steals who, without the consent of the owner, fraudulently and without a claim of right made in good faith, takes and carries away anything capable of being stolen with intent, at the time of such taking, permanently to deprive the owner thereof.

What is assault?

Assault is a physical or non-physical act (such as a threat) that causes another person to apprehend immediate and unlawful violence, even if there is no intention to cause such a response. Being reckless to the act is enough to attract a charge of common assault.

Stealing is a different offence that falls under section 94(b) of the Crimes Act 1900. It is where a person steals any chattel, money or valuable security from another person. It is robbery without the element of violence or threat of violence: R v Delk (1999) 46 NSWLR 340. EG. Bag snatching!

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