What is the offence of never being licensed?

Courts view this as a serious offence because you have not demonstrated the requisite skills needed to be the holder of a driver’s license. Driving without a license is seen as putting the community at risk.

Fortunately, for first time offenders, it is a fine-only offence.

What happens after I am caught driving ‘never licensed’?

  • First time offenders will be issued with a penalty notice. An election can be made to have the matter heard at court.
  • If it you are a repeat offender, police will issue you with a Court Attendance Notice (“CAN”), requiring you to attend court on the date specified on the notice.

What are my options?

What penalties or outcomes are available?

The following also applies unless dealt with by way of a non-conviction order.

PenaltiesFirst OffenceSecond or subsequent offence
Penalty notice fine$796.00N/A
Maximum court fine$2,200$3,300
Automatic license disqualificationN/A12 months
Minimum license disqualificationN/A3 months
Maximum prison termN/A6 months

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