When can I use a mobile phone in a car?

This is governed by REG 300 of the Road Rules 2014. Rules differ between unrestricted licence holders and P1/P2 license holders.  The Road Rules 2014 provides that :

Learner, P1 and P2 licence holders

P1 and P2 drivers licence holders may not use their phones under any circumstances whilst driving. This includes use of Bluetooth or any ‘hands free’ functions.

Unrestricted licence holders and all bicycle riders

Unrestricted licence holders and bicycle riders may use mobile phone functions to:  make or answer a phone call, play audio, or navigate the phone if the phone is:

  • secured in a cradle; or
  • able to be used without touching any part of the phone.

Note that if you do not have Bluetooth or a cradle, and pull to the side of the road to take a call, your vehicle engine MUST be switched off.

All drivers

The law allows all drivers to:

  • access a digital drivers’ license after a police officer has requested your license.
  • Access wallet functions on a phone when:
    • paying for an item,  or
    • accessing an area
    • presenting a voucher or coupon

However, the vehicle MUST be stationery AND in a carpark, driveway or drive through.

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