This is a situation where you nominated someone other than yourself as the driver of your vehicle when it was detected by camera to be speeding, passing a red light, using a mobile phone etc.

If you have been served a notice pursuant to s 192 of the Road Transport Act, 2013, requiring that you provide further identity information in respect of a driver nominated at the time of a particular offence, we can help you.

Receiving a section 192 notice means that the RMS have given you 7 days, from the date of the notice, to respond to their enquiry. Failure to respond to the RMS within this time period may incur a maximum penalty of 20 penalty units which amounts to a monetary fine of up to $2,200.00.

If you are unsure of who the driver was at time, responding places you at risk of being prosecuted for falsely claiming that you were not the driver. Though responding avoids the fine associated with not responding, other penalties may await. However, if you were driving at the time, and have made an honest mistake, we can draft a response on your behalf.

We have successfully assisted people in responding appropriately so as not to incur any fine, penalty or criminal charges.

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