The Police can suspend you from driving for:

  • Drink driving – PCA and DUI offences.
  • Drug driving.
  • Exceed speed limit in excess of 30km/h (provisional licence holders).
  • Exceed speed limit in excess of 45km/h.
  • Driving unaccompanied (a learner driver).
  • Street racing or aggravated burnout. (These are hoon offences that can also result in your car being impounded or your number plates confiscated.)

Police also have the power to confiscate your drivers’ license for the duration of the suspension, which is for either 3 or 6 months, depending on the seriousness of offence.

What happens after Police suspend my license?

Your suspension takes immediate effect when you are issued with the notice of suspension.

A police suspension notice may be issued to you on the spot or within 48 hours of the offence occurring.

You may appeal a police suspension at a Local Court within 28 days of receiving the notice of suspension. However, appealing a police suspension does not entitle you to drive after an appeal has been lodged.

The suspension is in place until your matter is finalised at court.

What options do I have in court?

In court, police suspensions can either be:

  1. Lifted (cancelled) via a suspension appeal or
  2. Stayed (put on hold) until the charge that led to the police suspension is determined at court.

The relevant legislation is:

  • s 257 of the Road Transport Act 2013 – (appeal)
  • s 135A of the Road Transport (General) Regulation 2013 – (stay)

What will the court consider when determining a Police license appeal or stay?

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